A "Clout" is a form of archery where the archers shoot arrows at a pole or flag some distance away. Typically these distances are much greater than you would shoot at a normal target when doing competition archery.

The object is to get your arrows as near to the pole or flag as possible with scoring achieved by use of a scoring marker around the radial of the flag. The pole and scoring zones in radius around the flag effectively make a huge target on the ground.

Gentleman shoot 180 yards

Ladies shoot 140 yards

Juniors 80 to 140 yards (depending on the age group)

A single cloud consists of 3 dozen arrows, shot as 6 ends of 6 arrows, there are other variations in more detail here:  Clout Archery @ Wikipedia

Hinckley Archery shoot a clout from time to time in the week or at weekends for enjoyment and to experience a different form of archery.

​Please check out Catriona's success on the other page under Clouts! 

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Hinckley Archery Club

In the left photo you can see the rope used to determine the scoring zone for each arrow (and yes the 2 most inner are mine! perks of doing the website), the 2nd photo shows the 2nd shoot and the improvement all archers made.

The good thing was it didn't matter the archers age, you can be competitive at any age as the 2 shoots proved!