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​Outdoor shooting is usually on an informal basis, but individual archers must only shoot distances they are ‘qualified’ to shoot.  A scheme is operated by the club that ensures archers must put in qualifying scores before moving on to longer distances.

As the field is the college sports ground, all lost arrows must be found.  To this end all arrows must be capable of being easily found using a metal detector. Wooden arrows should have metal tape wound around the outside and ‘all carbon’ arrows are not permitted outdoors.

Archers are expected to put away target and stand when finished with.

The indoor season usually sees the introduction of ‘fatter’ arrows and a reduction in shooting distance to 18 metres. Visitors from other clubs are also welcome, but are required to pay the usual visitor shooting fees.

Whilst indoors it is normal for archers to remain on the same target throughout the evening and shoot ends of 3 or 4 arrows.  Normal indoor competitions require ends of 3 arrows to be shot, however to get through an evening round usually requires us to shoot in ends of 4 arrows.

All members are expected to assist with both setting up the targets at the start of the evening and putting them away at the end.

For longbow archers the club also has a good relationship with the Bowman of Bosworth, and we are regularly invited to their Field shoots and Inter club shoots.

The club also has regular Sunday shoots every other Sunday (see News for dates) and aims to have fun shoots and clout shoots.g
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Beginner enquiries : Colin Timson
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The Club Constitution can be downloaded by clicking here:  Updated Constitution.pdf