Hinckley Archery Club

Hinckley Archery Club was founded in 1980 by Ted Steel, Marshal Barfield, Christine Barfield, David Dimmer and Ty Cruddas it consisted of 5 senior members and 5 junior members.  Shooting indoors was in the projectile range of the Hinckley Leisure Centre, with outdoor shooting at Weaver Springs in Earl Shilton – neither venue being ideal.  The club has since progressed with outdoor venues changing over the years - Earl Shilton Community College, then Hinckley Rugby Club, Green King Stadium and now Heath Lane Academy (formerly William Bradford).

The indoor venue is now at the Heath Lane Academy sports hall, which has its own dedicated backstop netting.

The original Hinckley Archers club badge was designed by Lisa Cruddas and  adopted by the club in 1981.  In 2005, the club badge was redesigned to reflect a more modern image.

Throughout its history, the club has gradually increased its membership and it now stands at a steady sixty six members with ages ranging from 8 to 80 plus!

Club membership
Hinckley Archery club subs comprise of four elements –

1)    Affiliation to GNAS (Grand National Archery Society, which trades under the name Archery UK).    GNAS provides public liability insurance when shooting to GNAS rules of shooting on a recognised Archery venue.  It also provides Coach, Judges and club development.

2)   Affiliation to Region – which for Leicestershire is EMAS (East Midlands Archery Society). Region organise regional shoots, regional squads and coaching liaison.   
Web site - www.emasarchery.co.uk 

3)   Affiliation to County – which for Hinckley is Leicestershire and Rutland Archery Society.  The county organises county shoots, inter county shoots, Senior and Junior coaching and coach education.                 
Web site – www.lrcaa.org